Dec. 15th, 2010 09:30 pm
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Long time no post!

Life continues apace. 10 sleeps till Christmas. Fired off a job app for a job which would be ridiculous levels of squee. 11 sleeps till I'm 27 which sounds rather grown-up, but then I supposed 26 sounded pretty damn grown-up last year.
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I am reaching unhealthy levels of unmotivation with work at the moment, specifically with all things computer-related. It may happen that at some point next week I will simply scream "YOU DO NOT ACTUALLY NEED EMAIL TO LIVE" at a coworker.

Also I hate packing.
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So I've been on a fixed-term contract this year.

And now we're at the "okay, X isn't coming back, let's talk contract renewal!" stage.

But prior to this news, I was applying for other jobs. (Note to self: and that was totally the correct thing to do because you needed job security.)

And I got shortlisted and interviewed for one of those on Wednesday. And it would be a pay raise, and a new environment, and generally all-round shiny.

But. Of course our HR manager would be going away next week, thus necessitating we move quickly on deciding about my contract extension; and of course the potential-new-employers would all also be going away this week, meaning I couldn't hear from them first.

Which all meant wonderfully uncomfortable conversations at current-work about how I couldn't actually be signing anything immediately since I might be getting another offer. (Note to self: and that was ALSO the correct thing to do and they can't fault you for looking so STOP IT, MISSY.)

My down-brain of course now expects that I won't get the new job and have thus Horribly Damaged my relationship with my manager, who is not a person to fuck off in our city and our industry, for no good reason.

Thanks, brain.

(syn_abounds and poor_toms_acold of course reminded me that Murphy's Law could also kick in positively, in that new workplace = full of people wearing jeans AND I just kitted out my Twee Secretarial Wardrobe which would be so out of place. *clings to hope*)

So now I just have to wait, and remind myself nigh-constantly that whatever happens I have job security and my savings are on track etc. etc. I DON'T DO WAITING.


Apr. 24th, 2010 01:43 am
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Forgot to mention in my earlier post that I handed in my application for the job of our more senior comms person who's leaving shortly. On the one hand I feel just slightly underqualified. On the other, I could totally do the job and you'd better believe some kind of massive party will be thrown on the day I no longer have to take minutes or process invoices. And certainly numerous coworkers were quietly yet enthusiastically supportive.

But I can't get my hopes up and have to remind myself (a lot) that if I don't get it, my contract only has another 3.5 months on it and if all else fails I can take a break from fulltime work before travelling in September and have something fabulous lined up for when I get back. Heck, I would've started scoping out the job market in a month or so anyway to allow for the horrific time it takes the public sector to process jobs.

You can sure tell I'm feeling totes relaxed about it all, right? *headdesk*
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Work was shite, largely due to the kind of wankjargon that would get you thrown out of The Office's writers' lounge for being too wankjargony. Protip: if you've already used the word "shared" twice in a very short sentence, you probably don't have to crowbar "united" in there too for emphasis.

And one of my better-fitting bras suffered critical damage in the form of the underwire on one side leaping, chestburster-like, through the seam and towards my neck, carving a lovely dark red line on my cleavage.

And I don't have time to do the cogwork embroidery I was planning so I've had to come up with an alternate wrought-iron design which will take less time. But I am not a girl who enjoys designing arty things that can't be quantified into cross-stitch.

And I've been getting fuckall sleep and thus was in no mindset to write that damn job application I have to do. It's a lovely vicious cycle, in that I will doubtless wake up multiple times tonight panicking that I have missed the deadline (and am thus condemned to an eternity of shared shared united collaborative shared jargonwank) which will mean I'm too tired to do it tomorrow etc. etc.

Bugger this, I'm going to bed.


Feb. 28th, 2010 03:03 pm
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Well I finished the week feeling like shit and looking forward to the weekend, and now I'm finishing the weekend feeling worse and definitely not peppy where "going back to work tomorrow" is concerned. What joy.
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Feeling very directionless. The Day of Meetings was not as bad as I anticipated, but after it was all over my motivation to do anything even remotely productive vanished into thin air. Roll on the weekend, please!
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J purchased Rock Band 2 today - possibly the last copy in Wellington, which he is by no means hugely smug about.

Wearing my vocal chords out with some NiN has certainly helped ease the stupid-induced tension I was feeling this arvo. I've hit the "oh thank God I'm only here for 6 more months, I can totally last that long if I just switch off my emotion chip" mark. Which is never a good sign. You'd think workplaces would give a toss about their staff being overstressed and undersupported, if only in the name of operational efficiency.

Went to see Jeanette Fitzsimons' valedictory this evening. It was ... good, but obviously sad. Especially when she brought up Rod Donald. I did NOT get teary in the House of Reps, no sirree.

Tomorrow my term deposit expires and I will have a crapload of money sitting in my savings. I am not stressing out from sheer responsibility-aversion at all. Nor am I in any way worried about starting sentences with "I was talking to a Wealth Advisor at the bank and ..."

Shan't be grown-up. SHAN'T I SAY.

Work update

Jan. 6th, 2010 05:41 pm
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Right, job is semi-officially Good. Variety of work, WINDOW AND NATURAL LIGHT, my own whiteboard. Coworkers remain GIRLY GIRLS OF GIRLDOM with the morning where-did-you-get-that-top ritual firmly established. And New Manager liked a document I totally refurbished, which is Good, and quite casually says things like "Well Stephanie can write the content for that" so I feel valued.


First Day

Jan. 5th, 2010 05:41 pm
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So, first day at new job. I think we just covered so much stuff my brain is still processing it, so I have no idea how it all went. There were no obviously awkward silences, no horrible cringing ... so I have to assume it went well. Very few people are back from holiday yet, so the office was dead quiet. And I got given actual writing/editing work, so HURRAH FOR THAT!

And we got to go home at 3.30 because New Manager took pity on us. All in all I'm chalking this one up as a win.
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Hair: deep-conditioned. Face: deep-scrubbed. Nails: painted a gorgeous berry-red, furnished by the wonderful unnethe. Bag: nearly packed. Alien vs Predator: Requiem: hilarious as always.

I am *not* having a freakout, no sirree.
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So tomorrow is the first day at the New Job. I have to accept I will probably horribly embarrass myself in some way in my first week; I have to accept that it will take me a while to figure out if/what horrible office politics and personality clashes there are in the office; I have to try to learn everything I can and build up my skills as much as possible; I have to make myself indispensable and hope they can roll over my contract or expand the team when the maternity-leave staffmember returns; I have to ultimately face the fact that come August my contract expires and I have no guarantee of subsequent employment no matter how brilliant I may be or how much they may love my work.

Just a wee bit stressed out here, chaps.

J seems to be having a period of enforced working-from-home given that his work building hasn't actually reopened yet and he has no outside-hours access. Lucky bastard.

And to top everything off I'm obsessively calculating and re-calculating my savings plan for the year trying to make the same numbers work out differently.

This is clearly a time for tea.


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