Dec. 15th, 2010 09:30 pm
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Long time no post!

Life continues apace. 10 sleeps till Christmas. Fired off a job app for a job which would be ridiculous levels of squee. 11 sleeps till I'm 27 which sounds rather grown-up, but then I supposed 26 sounded pretty damn grown-up last year.
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Last night J and I celebrated our anniversary with delicious dinner and bubbly and watching depressing films.* It was nauseatingly sweet. And if the supermarket cashier didn't judge our lifestyle when we walked up to the counter with booze, cigarettes, icecream and condoms then she is some kind of saint.

Today was payday, and also Sort Out My Travel Monies day, and with 2k in pounds sterling on one card and a new substantial term deposit ... I'm very much feeling my middle-class-ness. And pointlessly terrified, as though the money is going to just vanish if I'm not extra-careful with it. No, I'm not still suffering the aftereffects of a very money-deprived childhood, why do you ask?

*Seriously though, The Wrestler is phenomenal. Just ... very grim.


Aug. 30th, 2010 12:01 am
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As of tomorrow (technically today but that's what I get for staying up late) Mr J and I will have been going out for four. Whole. Years.

It's a bit terrifying TBH.

Fortunately we are still as horridly nauseating as ever, especially in public.
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LOOKIT! *is smug and still slightly in disbelief*
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I am reaching unhealthy levels of unmotivation with work at the moment, specifically with all things computer-related. It may happen that at some point next week I will simply scream "YOU DO NOT ACTUALLY NEED EMAIL TO LIVE" at a coworker.

Also I hate packing.
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As posted on my Bookface:

Even if you don't care about the GIGANTIC race issues, or the gender issues, or the fact that M Night Shyamalan is a massive douche, even if you loved the series SO MUCH and you think I'm a massive hypocrite given I will admit to loving AvP1 and Queen of the Damned ... you STILL need to not see The Last Airbender.

I mean, we're talking 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. Perspective:

Babylon AD 7%
Crossroads 14%
Queen of the Damned 17%
Alien vs Predator 21%

For those who DO care about the massive racefail:
@Floating World
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So I've been on a fixed-term contract this year.

And now we're at the "okay, X isn't coming back, let's talk contract renewal!" stage.

But prior to this news, I was applying for other jobs. (Note to self: and that was totally the correct thing to do because you needed job security.)

And I got shortlisted and interviewed for one of those on Wednesday. And it would be a pay raise, and a new environment, and generally all-round shiny.

But. Of course our HR manager would be going away next week, thus necessitating we move quickly on deciding about my contract extension; and of course the potential-new-employers would all also be going away this week, meaning I couldn't hear from them first.

Which all meant wonderfully uncomfortable conversations at current-work about how I couldn't actually be signing anything immediately since I might be getting another offer. (Note to self: and that was ALSO the correct thing to do and they can't fault you for looking so STOP IT, MISSY.)

My down-brain of course now expects that I won't get the new job and have thus Horribly Damaged my relationship with my manager, who is not a person to fuck off in our city and our industry, for no good reason.

Thanks, brain.

(syn_abounds and poor_toms_acold of course reminded me that Murphy's Law could also kick in positively, in that new workplace = full of people wearing jeans AND I just kitted out my Twee Secretarial Wardrobe which would be so out of place. *clings to hope*)

So now I just have to wait, and remind myself nigh-constantly that whatever happens I have job security and my savings are on track etc. etc. I DON'T DO WAITING.
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Shopping was a RIDICULOUS success today, thanks to the aid of syn_abounds, nessaneko and poor_toms_acold. On the downside, the success was such that lay-by had to be arranged so I do not actually HAVE my pretty shiny new dresses of awesometude.

But suffice it to say that amazing things were found AND I got 25% off by joining the Jacqui E VIP club.

And now I'm back at home resting my weary feet and watching WWII documentaries, for which I have only five words: OH, FUCK YOU, NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN.


May. 29th, 2010 06:46 pm
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Signs J knows me well: our evening's entertainment is Jurassic Park, possibly followed by Jurassic Park 2. Pretty much exactly what I need on a horribly rainy cold day while half-asleep on the sofa in the late stages of a headcold.
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Didn't get the job. Feeling remarkably cool with it thanks to the excellent bad-news-breaking skills of my manager and a strange feeling of calm that has descended in the past day.

The day was not helped however by a certain coworker trying to pin me down to prioritise her pet projects ... in front of the entire organisation at staff meeting. I mean Christ on stoats, I think the entire table were just staring at her in disbelief. Also we had run out of coffee.

Then 3 hours at Brownings, hurrah for mindless typing work.

My life, can you handle the excitement?

TGIF mate

May. 14th, 2010 10:24 pm
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Job interview today, for the senior position in my current team. As per usual, no idea how well it went - and my usual job interview anxiety only gets complicated by the interviewers being people who already know me and who I already work with.

Still, I think I did okay on the practical component, and especially so given my blunt acceptance that I'm not as experienced as the job brief would like.

I'm kind of getting a vibe from my coworkers that they definitely *want* me to get the role, and they *want* me to do well in the interview process. But for my mental stability I am simply refusing to look into it too deeply because I'll frankly be shattered if I don't get the job anyway.

For now, there is wrestling and beer. And that Is Good.
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Mum and Stepdad2 took me to the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary for a walk this afternoon. I am well shagged, let me tell you internets. [Phwoar]

There were indeed annoying children, though fortunately none of our freeze-in-place-as-North-Island-Robin-hops-around-our-feet moments were ruined by them. BUT. The thing about kids? Is they're kids.

What's FAR more fucking annoying is ADULTS, speaking like they're at a town hall meeting with no sound system, marching along heads-down discussing THEIR FACEBOOK FRIENDS LISTS. Peeps, the Sanctuary is not a cheap place to get into, and why you'd bother when you almost seem to deliberately be wrecking any chance of seeing the wildlife in it ... all a bit beyond me.

Also, the brand new visitors' centre monstrosity is indeed a monstrosity of heartless marketing-driven architecture wank.
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Operation: Get Pissed is henceforth declared a success. With very careful typing.

Cake = successs! Photos still forthcoming until I can actually operate a computer without full slow concentration.

You are all awesome.
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Who has two thumbs and is a domestic freakin' goddess? THIS BITCH.

Many photos have been taken but no uploady until the party girl herself gets to see.
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All I'm saying is y'all better like chocolate buttercream.

... Oh, who the hell am I kidding?
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Lesley at Fatshionista has a fantastic fucking post up about the usual arguments people make whenever fat acceptance folks talk about, well, fat acceptance. You know, the whole "but you MUST be unhealthy" and "you can't possibly be happy!" types. Highly recommended.

Ditto Fat Nutritionist on why no food is "worthless".

On the lighter side of things, this guy literally lives on candy.


Apr. 24th, 2010 01:43 am
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Forgot to mention in my earlier post that I handed in my application for the job of our more senior comms person who's leaving shortly. On the one hand I feel just slightly underqualified. On the other, I could totally do the job and you'd better believe some kind of massive party will be thrown on the day I no longer have to take minutes or process invoices. And certainly numerous coworkers were quietly yet enthusiastically supportive.

But I can't get my hopes up and have to remind myself (a lot) that if I don't get it, my contract only has another 3.5 months on it and if all else fails I can take a break from fulltime work before travelling in September and have something fabulous lined up for when I get back. Heck, I would've started scoping out the job market in a month or so anyway to allow for the horrific time it takes the public sector to process jobs.

You can sure tell I'm feeling totes relaxed about it all, right? *headdesk*


Apr. 23rd, 2010 07:44 pm
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I has new glasses! And as I was typing that le_grenade arrived at the door with my ball outfit, which is FABULOUS and "vaguely piratical", in her words. This is obviously A GOOD THING.

The glasses are ... odd, in that my sight has clearly degraded a smidge in the 5 years since I got my old specs, but it just wasn't noticeable until I stepped out of the shop wearing my new ones and suddenly realised OH SHIT I CAN SEE STUFF NOW. Also they are heavier and the much thicker sides are currently playing havoc with my peripheral vision. And just as I was getting used to a fringe suddenly BAM NEW FACE. You know what I mean. /firstworldproblems

Now I need to finish the jacket embroidery, get pished and have a good night's sleep.
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Work was shite, largely due to the kind of wankjargon that would get you thrown out of The Office's writers' lounge for being too wankjargony. Protip: if you've already used the word "shared" twice in a very short sentence, you probably don't have to crowbar "united" in there too for emphasis.

And one of my better-fitting bras suffered critical damage in the form of the underwire on one side leaping, chestburster-like, through the seam and towards my neck, carving a lovely dark red line on my cleavage.

And I don't have time to do the cogwork embroidery I was planning so I've had to come up with an alternate wrought-iron design which will take less time. But I am not a girl who enjoys designing arty things that can't be quantified into cross-stitch.

And I've been getting fuckall sleep and thus was in no mindset to write that damn job application I have to do. It's a lovely vicious cycle, in that I will doubtless wake up multiple times tonight panicking that I have missed the deadline (and am thus condemned to an eternity of shared shared united collaborative shared jargonwank) which will mean I'm too tired to do it tomorrow etc. etc.

Bugger this, I'm going to bed.
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Steampunk-ball necklace is complete and is GORGEOUS - albeit rather more just-Victorian than steampunk. Matching earrings to do, THEN bodice embroidery (terrifying) THEN see if I have time or inclination for a head-piece. But if I just end up being pseudo-Victorian rather than full-on brass and goggles I am not fussed.

Had a few select friends over for dinner last night and apparently made ridiculously good chicken. The secret is to start making chicken paprika and then realise you have no paprika. nessaneko and syn_abounds brought potato gratin which was fucking delish, also. Good times, though I'm sure I totally ruined somebody else's flatwarming in the process. /snark


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