Jun. 27th, 2010

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So I've been on a fixed-term contract this year.

And now we're at the "okay, X isn't coming back, let's talk contract renewal!" stage.

But prior to this news, I was applying for other jobs. (Note to self: and that was totally the correct thing to do because you needed job security.)

And I got shortlisted and interviewed for one of those on Wednesday. And it would be a pay raise, and a new environment, and generally all-round shiny.

But. Of course our HR manager would be going away next week, thus necessitating we move quickly on deciding about my contract extension; and of course the potential-new-employers would all also be going away this week, meaning I couldn't hear from them first.

Which all meant wonderfully uncomfortable conversations at current-work about how I couldn't actually be signing anything immediately since I might be getting another offer. (Note to self: and that was ALSO the correct thing to do and they can't fault you for looking so STOP IT, MISSY.)

My down-brain of course now expects that I won't get the new job and have thus Horribly Damaged my relationship with my manager, who is not a person to fuck off in our city and our industry, for no good reason.

Thanks, brain.

(syn_abounds and poor_toms_acold of course reminded me that Murphy's Law could also kick in positively, in that new workplace = full of people wearing jeans AND I just kitted out my Twee Secretarial Wardrobe which would be so out of place. *clings to hope*)

So now I just have to wait, and remind myself nigh-constantly that whatever happens I have job security and my savings are on track etc. etc. I DON'T DO WAITING.


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