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Work was shite, largely due to the kind of wankjargon that would get you thrown out of The Office's writers' lounge for being too wankjargony. Protip: if you've already used the word "shared" twice in a very short sentence, you probably don't have to crowbar "united" in there too for emphasis.

And one of my better-fitting bras suffered critical damage in the form of the underwire on one side leaping, chestburster-like, through the seam and towards my neck, carving a lovely dark red line on my cleavage.

And I don't have time to do the cogwork embroidery I was planning so I've had to come up with an alternate wrought-iron design which will take less time. But I am not a girl who enjoys designing arty things that can't be quantified into cross-stitch.

And I've been getting fuckall sleep and thus was in no mindset to write that damn job application I have to do. It's a lovely vicious cycle, in that I will doubtless wake up multiple times tonight panicking that I have missed the deadline (and am thus condemned to an eternity of shared shared united collaborative shared jargonwank) which will mean I'm too tired to do it tomorrow etc. etc.

Bugger this, I'm going to bed.
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Steampunk-ball necklace is complete and is GORGEOUS - albeit rather more just-Victorian than steampunk. Matching earrings to do, THEN bodice embroidery (terrifying) THEN see if I have time or inclination for a head-piece. But if I just end up being pseudo-Victorian rather than full-on brass and goggles I am not fussed.

Had a few select friends over for dinner last night and apparently made ridiculously good chicken. The secret is to start making chicken paprika and then realise you have no paprika. nessaneko and syn_abounds brought potato gratin which was fucking delish, also. Good times, though I'm sure I totally ruined somebody else's flatwarming in the process. /snark
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Righto, people. I have already had the sheer genius to think of doing a wirework, bead/hardware veil to go with my steampunk fascinator.

Now I need y'all to tell me exactly what kind of veil.

Chief questions are: length of veil - above eyes, just below eyes, below nose?

Angle of veil - straight across the face, at a jaunty angle?

Fullness of veil - maximum poof, fairly tight to face, possibly shorter feature-layer of veil above?

Possible inspiration-pics:


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