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Boxing Day Baby ([personal profile] boxingdaybaby) wrote2010-04-23 07:44 pm


I has new glasses! And as I was typing that le_grenade arrived at the door with my ball outfit, which is FABULOUS and "vaguely piratical", in her words. This is obviously A GOOD THING.

The glasses are ... odd, in that my sight has clearly degraded a smidge in the 5 years since I got my old specs, but it just wasn't noticeable until I stepped out of the shop wearing my new ones and suddenly realised OH SHIT I CAN SEE STUFF NOW. Also they are heavier and the much thicker sides are currently playing havoc with my peripheral vision. And just as I was getting used to a fringe suddenly BAM NEW FACE. You know what I mean. /firstworldproblems

Now I need to finish the jacket embroidery, get pished and have a good night's sleep.

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