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Lesley at Fatshionista has a fantastic fucking post up about the usual arguments people make whenever fat acceptance folks talk about, well, fat acceptance. You know, the whole "but you MUST be unhealthy" and "you can't possibly be happy!" types. Highly recommended.

Ditto Fat Nutritionist on why no food is "worthless".

On the lighter side of things, this guy literally lives on candy.
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... for she has given unto me the most fucking fantastic piece of literature ever written by mortal hand.

Those of you who were there when she presented this gift to me may have thought you understood its sheer, galactic levels of awesomeness. But oh holy mother of Bel-Shamharoth were you wrong.

I speak, of course, of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.


... towards one of these hills did Marianne and Margaret one memorable morning direct their steps, attracted by the rare appearance of sunshine in the claustrophobic gloom of their surroundings. Margaret was insistent on trekking to the centre of the island to ascend Mount Margaret and find the source of the column of steam she still swore she had seen, and Marianne was pleased to oblige. This opportunity, however, was not tempting enough to draw the others from their pencil and their book; Mrs Dashwood sat composing short verses about sailors dying of influenza, whilst Elinor drew again and again a cryptic five-pointed symbol that had appeared to her in a fever dream on the night they first arrived in the islands.

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Amongst the awesome Avatar critiquing going on in this post at Hoyden About Town, there's a link to a Tiger Beatdown post on The Complex and Sophisticated Politics of James Cameron, which you should read just because it concludes:

Say, there’s a movie named Titanic that I think you ought to check out! It contains lots of the complex and sophisticated politics of James Cameron, specifically those relating to Rich People and Poor People. Turns out, one of those types of people is SUPER-MEAN! It’s like Das Kapital, with boats. I think you’ll enjoy!

It's LIKE DAS KAPITAL, WITH BOATS. brb, wetting myself with laughter.


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