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As posted on my Bookface:

Even if you don't care about the GIGANTIC race issues, or the gender issues, or the fact that M Night Shyamalan is a massive douche, even if you loved the series SO MUCH and you think I'm a massive hypocrite given I will admit to loving AvP1 and Queen of the Damned ... you STILL need to not see The Last Airbender.

I mean, we're talking 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. Perspective:

Babylon AD 7%
Crossroads 14%
Queen of the Damned 17%
Alien vs Predator 21%

For those who DO care about the massive racefail:
@Floating World
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Amongst the awesome Avatar critiquing going on in this post at Hoyden About Town, there's a link to a Tiger Beatdown post on The Complex and Sophisticated Politics of James Cameron, which you should read just because it concludes:

Say, there’s a movie named Titanic that I think you ought to check out! It contains lots of the complex and sophisticated politics of James Cameron, specifically those relating to Rich People and Poor People. Turns out, one of those types of people is SUPER-MEAN! It’s like Das Kapital, with boats. I think you’ll enjoy!

It's LIKE DAS KAPITAL, WITH BOATS. brb, wetting myself with laughter.


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