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I love my friends dearly, but SWEET JESUS it is nice to not have anyone in my house.

I only figured out this afternoon after arriving home from a (happily successful) clothes shopping trip with [lj]poor_toms_acold that, since my last day at work on 22 December, J and I have not had a single day without seeing other people.

So now I have 36 hours pre-going back to new!work to be hermitlike and not have to wear pants for anyone.

Bra size update: 18E. Of which there was approximately ONE in the entire Bendon store. So I had to go to Farmers and only get 20% of instead of 50%. Bastards.
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Party was awesome, drunken Rock Band is fun, I am now going teetotal until the new job starts because my liver is starting to send up "Ow ow ow" flags.

I hereby decree 2010 shall be full of win.

J is demanding I make him food. I am refusing to make him food. He is wondering if the Patriarchy will give him a trade-in on his woman. Such is my life.
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Someone remind me whenever I'm feeling down that I am a godalmighty GODDESS of roasting chicken. The Dan was highly pleased.

It's also damn nice to be in that Christmas/New Year period where I just don't have to know what day it is.


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