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... learnt from Rock Band:

- I have approximately the vocal range of Lady Gaga and exactly the vocal range of Debbie Harry. Only, you know, obviously without any professional training or fantastically kickass pop careers.
- I really really really hate Aerosmith.
- Rocking out is easier when pissed.
- J can get fantastically geeky about the technical quality of Jonathan Coulton songs.
- It makes total sense why drummers wear very little.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Without meaning to spill too much geek all over the place, GUESS WHO JUST GOT A 50?

For the non-MMORPG crowd out there, suffice it to say it's a good thing, related to City of Heroes (like WoW, only, you know, fun).*

The day is thus looking up. On average. And now I have to go to bed anyway.

*I kid, I kid. Kinda.
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J purchased Rock Band 2 today - possibly the last copy in Wellington, which he is by no means hugely smug about.

Wearing my vocal chords out with some NiN has certainly helped ease the stupid-induced tension I was feeling this arvo. I've hit the "oh thank God I'm only here for 6 more months, I can totally last that long if I just switch off my emotion chip" mark. Which is never a good sign. You'd think workplaces would give a toss about their staff being overstressed and undersupported, if only in the name of operational efficiency.

Went to see Jeanette Fitzsimons' valedictory this evening. It was ... good, but obviously sad. Especially when she brought up Rod Donald. I did NOT get teary in the House of Reps, no sirree.

Tomorrow my term deposit expires and I will have a crapload of money sitting in my savings. I am not stressing out from sheer responsibility-aversion at all. Nor am I in any way worried about starting sentences with "I was talking to a Wealth Advisor at the bank and ..."

Shan't be grown-up. SHAN'T I SAY.
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Party was awesome, drunken Rock Band is fun, I am now going teetotal until the new job starts because my liver is starting to send up "Ow ow ow" flags.

I hereby decree 2010 shall be full of win.

J is demanding I make him food. I am refusing to make him food. He is wondering if the Patriarchy will give him a trade-in on his woman. Such is my life.


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