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So I've been on a fixed-term contract this year.

And now we're at the "okay, X isn't coming back, let's talk contract renewal!" stage.

But prior to this news, I was applying for other jobs. (Note to self: and that was totally the correct thing to do because you needed job security.)

And I got shortlisted and interviewed for one of those on Wednesday. And it would be a pay raise, and a new environment, and generally all-round shiny.

But. Of course our HR manager would be going away next week, thus necessitating we move quickly on deciding about my contract extension; and of course the potential-new-employers would all also be going away this week, meaning I couldn't hear from them first.

Which all meant wonderfully uncomfortable conversations at current-work about how I couldn't actually be signing anything immediately since I might be getting another offer. (Note to self: and that was ALSO the correct thing to do and they can't fault you for looking so STOP IT, MISSY.)

My down-brain of course now expects that I won't get the new job and have thus Horribly Damaged my relationship with my manager, who is not a person to fuck off in our city and our industry, for no good reason.

Thanks, brain.

(syn_abounds and poor_toms_acold of course reminded me that Murphy's Law could also kick in positively, in that new workplace = full of people wearing jeans AND I just kitted out my Twee Secretarial Wardrobe which would be so out of place. *clings to hope*)

So now I just have to wait, and remind myself nigh-constantly that whatever happens I have job security and my savings are on track etc. etc. I DON'T DO WAITING.
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Things continue apace. I have been Productive, which is one of my keys to calm living (natural/ingrained laziness combined with a brain that equates laziness with Being A Bad Person makes life ... interesting. Yes).

Wrestlemania was AWESOME. /Miz
I am just so darn glad Undertaker won, because there would've been no point breaking his streak and this way Shawn gets a wonderfully dignified retirement. Of course if he turns up on TNA in two years still trying to be badass I reserve the right to revoke his dignity.

Tomorrow is Haircut Day. Photos shall be posted.


Feb. 28th, 2010 03:03 pm
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Well I finished the week feeling like shit and looking forward to the weekend, and now I'm finishing the weekend feeling worse and definitely not peppy where "going back to work tomorrow" is concerned. What joy.
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Today was a Grown-Up Day. I had a meeting with a financial advisor. At my bank. About savings and investment.

It was a bit weird.

But on the plus side I was praised and told that my existence (as a young person with concrete/achievable savings goals, a set-but-flexible budget and no credit card) made someone very excited. Which has really left me feeling much more relaxed about things.

Now if only my brain would get the message so I could stop waking up at 4.28am every morning in a panic because I haven't filed enough sleep in the correct folders of the work document management system, everything would be lovely.

PS. Dear Wellingtonians, I would be ever so obliged if you would respect my desire to be a Sevens-Free Zone. The Sevens is not sport, nor entertainment; it is a vortex of evil and a vital link in Satan's plans for bringing about Armageddon.


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