Jan. 17th, 2010

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Watching the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, which is surprisingly un-craptacular (at least compared to my epically-low expectations of it).

BUT my major gripe? The classic bloody plot device of Child Who Is Too Young To Understand Situation But Comes To Learn Valuable Lesson after acting like a right self-centred prat for half the film. Oh but we're meant to feel compassionate and understanding because they Lack The Lost Innocence of Childhood.

Which is great until that child character is a cynical modern kid with his own laptop and WoW account, whose dead parent was a military engineer but somehow left the kid with the idea that "killing things that are different" is a good instinctive response to have.

If my children can't understand things like "tolerance of difference" and "diplomatic solution first you bet your ass they are not getting unrestricted and unmonitored internet/MMORPG access.

Also, they just had to add the side order of Child Of Dead Parent Constantly Brings Up Dead Parent As Justification For Actions but of course as soon as the long-suffering surviving stepparent says "Look, your dad isn't fucking here, okay?" it's all big eyes, wobbly lower lip, Oh His Tiny Child's Heart Is Broken. And we're meant to think oh the poor little guy he just misses his dad so much of course he has to constantly bring up his being-dead-ness to criticize his current living parent's actions.

It may all be well and good and realistic but goddammit it's irritating, it's overdone, and I am bored of seeing it in my sci fi.


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